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Although centuries old,the ancient technique of ear candling has seen increasing interest in the past decade in the holistic community.Thought to have originated with the Egyptians, it was used for spiritual cleansing as well as physical cleaning.

Original style of candles were hollow reeds. Today, earcandles are made with a variety of materials. We personally, make ours with 100% beeswax and hemp/cotton. Keeping with totally natural materials and staying away from the unnatural (parafin & bleached cotton)provides the practitioner and client with a pleasant and toxin free experience.


Why Candle?

The purpose of candling is to remove wax buildup,especially the heavy, impacted wax that regular cleaning cannot remove. Candling is a more comfortable and non-invasive alternative to the traditional method of forcing water into the ear canal. Candling is also believed to remove fungus, yeasts, sinus congestion,allergies, migraines,pressure headaches, balance disorders,swimmers ear, ear infections, impacted ear wax, parasites, and any other debris from the external middle ear canals and the Eustachian tubes.

Candling can be done on people of all ages. It has been used as a last ditch effort for treating chronic ear infections and to avoid ear tubal placement commonly in children. As well as treating the ear, candling can also work on the sinus and lymph system, removing impurities there as well. Ear Candling also greatly improves mental clarity, energy and a sense of well-being.



What To Expect

Candling is quite simple and is done with a partner. Generally 1-2 candles are used in each ear.This varies from person to person as does the frequency of candling.The "candlee" can expect the suction to sound much like the gentle hum one hears when a seashell is placed against the ear.It is also common to hear a pleasant crackling like that of a campfire.Read and follow the instructions that come with your candles! After candling, for the first 24 hours, it is advised to protect the ears from wind, cold, excessive amounts of water and air travel.Within 24 hours,the normal production of wax will again protect the ear.

It is important to discuss earcandling with your health care practioner and ALWAYS USE COMMON SENSE!Earcandling is not a replacement for proper health care, but can be an effective home remedy.EARCANDLING SHOULD NOT BE DONE ON ANYONE WHO HAS A PERFERATED EAR DRUM OR WHO HAS HAD RECENT EAR SURGERY!



Ecco-Cone Earcandles

As I've said before, I have developed a unique type of earcandle. Ecco-Cones are made entirely with 100 % beeswax and unbleached hemp/cotton muslin.
Over the years, I have tried earcandles of all makes and sizes. With these in mind, I've developed what many think is truly a superior candle to many of those that are found on the market today.

The reason that I use only 100% beeswax and not parafin, is simply because parafin is a petroleum based product. Which means ,that while it burns, the toxins from the parafin can cause a multitude of problems in both the client and practitioner such as , headaches, upset stomaches and tiredness.

Why Hemp instead of bleached cotton? Aside from all the environmental reasons, the hemp/cotton blend is processed with all natural products such as corn starch. The fabric is washed before used in the earcandles, washing out the corn starch. Therefore, all that burns is fabric with no residual effects .

I am presently marketing the candles throughout Canada, the States, parts of Europe and Asia, with excellent results. Comments like...."They're the best we've tried so far"......"They have an incredible draw"........"There isn't any smoke when they burn".....and, " Whatever you're doing...don't change a thing!" .....keep me encouraged that what I have is a great product!



Considering the higher price of the materials, I have kept my prices comparable to conventional earcandles.I carry bulk (no packaging or instructions) and packages of 2's and 4's that have complete instructions. If you are a wholesaler, retailer or earcandling practioner, please contact me for prices.



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