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There's no need to push hard. simply apply a firm touch,about as much as you'd use to ring a door bell.But there may also be times that a deeper, firmer pressure will feel right. Experiment and let your personal sense of pleasure and pain guide you. Do the moves that feel right to you.Many prefer a solid, stable pressure from their thumb or index finger, while others prefer a clockwise, circular massage. According to shiatzu theory, clockwise massage is to energize and counter clockwise massage is to relax. Do not continue with any movements which are uncomfortable or bring on unexplained discomfort. Use either the tips of your fingers and thumbs, or the "finger print" side if your nails are long.




WINTER BLAHS? To cure occasional blue moods:

1. Close your eyes while sitting comfortably or lying down.With your left thumb on the inside of your wrist and your fingers on the outside,gently massage the folds on your wrist which are closest to the palm.

2. Begin with a counter clockwise massage, then switch to a clockwise motion. Work on the right wrist in this way for a slow count of 30 before repeating it on the left.



1.Locate the middle point between your eyebrows, directly above the bridge of your nose.

2.Apply circular massage for a slow count of 30, exhale and inhale deeply, then repeat. For an added feeling of relief, close your eyes during this movement and listen to your breathing while zeroing in on your heartbeat. Repeat as often as needed. You may find a smooth, stroking or pulsating massage works effectively.



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