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This page is all about my "Little Angels" *smile*. I know as parents, we all brag about our kids with an unbiased view, but...... my kids really ARE great!

MY oldest is, Sonja (aka Sunni). She is a graduate of O'Gorman High School in Timmins, Ont.and The University of Victoria. After being away for 5 yrs, she is now back from teaching English in Japan,The Czech Republic and travelling Asia and Europe as much as possible!

Not only is Sunni a great source of pride, she is also proof that parents and their children can be the best of friends!

My youngest is David. (He hasn't let me call him "the baby" since he was 2 years old!)

Like most guys his age, he can usually be found skateboarding,cycling,playing video games and hanging out with his buddies, but his main interest is focused on music.

This interest has been fuelled with the need to be a "ham" on stage. Those of us who know a certain grandfather and uncle of his, know exactly where this comes from! (smile) He is now working toward learning how to play every instrument that he can get his hands on.(bass clarinet,alto & baritone sax, guitar, drums) Through his school bands, he's gotten the "Musician of the Year" Award three years running!

For the last couple of years, he's been playing alto sax for the Friends of Music Society where he is the youngest musician in the Minds At Work R&B Group and has been recognised by The United Way of Greater Victoria for his volunteer work with them.

Currently, he can be seen playing his bari sax with an up and coming new R&B group, District of Soul. Check out the link below for some amazing new talent in the Victoria area.

*Update*..... Sept.2008... Dave is currently working on getting his BA in Jazz Studies =}


The Same,Only Different by: Deb Lawson 1991

We've got one in diapers
and one is dating
Yes, for our son
we were waiting.
He's fourteen months
and she's fourteen years,
But she'll be around
to calm his fears.
He is teething
and she's got braces,
And for the cost
we hope his don't have spaces.
He's got a toy phone
but her's is real,
She'll teach him well
this I feel.
He's still learning to walk
she's just learning to ski,
Why oh why
do these things happen to me?
One's up early
the other up late,
For him to grow up
at times I can't wait!
Sometimes things get rushed
and we're a bit on edge,
But, they'll start school together
he in preschool and she in college.
It may sound like complaining
but really, it's not,
Our kids are just great
and we love them....alot!

PUBLISHED 1993- Dance On The Horizon


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