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This page is dedicated to you.... the people that KNOW what ear candling can do!
If you have a story that you would like to share about the positive impact that ear candling has had, email us and we'll be happy to add it here!
We can use all the help that we can to get the word out there...... ear candling is a GOOD thing that's been getting some "bad press" lately.... not unlike when echinaecha first became popular



"I have been using your candles in treating family, friends and clients for a few years now. I would never use another type of candle again. Your candles are awesome! The first candles I was introduced to when I was taught to candle were thin, smoky, smelly and hard to fit (much leakage). When I first used your candles I was blown away! They are clean, odorless, well fit, draw longer and are not so fragile. Thank you for putting your energy and caring into creating a superior candle to enhance the well being of all who partake. Keep on keeping on! Thank you. " Bernadine B.-Victoria,BC


"I would like to order ear candles,. I've had this done in the past and it is WONDERFUL. My physician has been giving me hydrochlorides to shrink the swelling, but I don't like taking them and they only seem to help for the time they are effective. No long term wellness. Thank you." Cande B.


"My husband has an extreme about of ear and sinus trouble and I have a lot of sinus trouble. He has had some ear damage, but to my knowledge does not have a perforated ear drum. We have tried it for the first time just this week and have been amazed at how much wax buildup is coming out of our ears." ..Judy B.


Hi, I have a 2 and a half year old little girl, who didn't seem to be speaking very well. I took her to a specialist who found that her ears were 100% compounded with wax (she failed to respond to a lot of the tones on the hearing test as well). Thankfully, her inner ears seemed to be hearing fine, and it was recommended that I take her to a specialist (another one of course!) who would clean her ears out. When I asked about the procedure, they said I would have to hold her down while the Doctor cleaned the wax out. Anyone who has kids knows that just isn't going to happen, they just have too much energy for that. Anyways, to make a long story short, I picked up some of your candles and an ear irrigation. I did the irrigation 2 days before I candled her ears to loosen up the wax. I was ASTOUNDED by the amount that came out of her ears! And almost immediately her speech has improved enough that other people have noticed a change. I just wanted to say thank you and that I love your product, because it is natural I felt that much more comfortable using it on my daughter. Again, thank you! Halie W.




"I was told by a co-worker who had had this done to her due to a problem she had with her right ear and I saw the results! it worked! It was amazing! My husband wants to know where I can purchase these candles." La Donna W. (Tulsa Ok)


"Glad to read all the things ear candling can help.I just had swimmers ear and was about to go to the Doctors.It was the week end and I remembered that I had some candles.I figured it would be worth a try.That same day, the pain was gone.Now I want to keep some on hand. Thanks". Cheryl D (Fall River Mass.)


"I have just started earcandling and I'm very interested in it. I have severe sinus inflammations every fall and spring and I don't want to take medication for it. I am also 80% deaf in one ear and 50% in the other. I'm so excited to have discovered this. I was amazed at what came out of my ears! I'm interested in doing this on my son and husband. Thank you" Lori S (Minnesota)


"I just tried candling for the first time last night and I must say I'm amazed at the results I'm looking to order some more candles.".. Kent (West Virginia)


"I purchased some of your ear candles several years ago, somehow (don't remember how) finding you on the internet. I actually just got around to using them recently (I'm the best procrastinator!) and wanted to let you know they really are the best. I've tried others and they never removed any wax. I get impacted ear wax quite regularly, for some reason, and it actually stops up my ear so that I can't hear well. Up until now, all I could do was have a doctor irrigate them (at an unbelievable expense!). Your candles do have an excellent draw. As I said, I've never been able to get ear candling to work for me until I used your candles. Thanks so much!"....Lynn R. (Phoenix,Arizona)




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